Animal Removal and Wildlife Control in Birmingham MI

Are you frustrated by wildlife damaging your backyard in Birmingham MI? Have squirrel and raccoons and mice taken over your home?  Do you have a skunk problem? Don’t despair! There is one company to call for humane resolutions to all of your animal-control dilemmas: A & D Animal Control.

As an owner-operated company, A & D Animal Control proudly delivers prompt and professional service. We are certified by the Michigan and National Animal Damage Control Associations, and all of our technicians are state-certified. You can count on us for expert removal and handling of annoying animals. In addition, we are bonded and fully insured for your protection. Call us and learn more!

Wildlife and Pest Removal

We can help you with all types of animal and wildlife removal, including:

  • Attic & wall noise from wild animals
  • Mouse control in attic & walls
  • Exterior mouse and mole removal and control
  • Winter damage shrubbery control from wild animals
  • Night time attic noises and night time wall noises from rodents and other animals

Types of Animals and Pests We Control

These critters can get cause harm, including Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Mice, Moles, Woodchucks, Groundhogs, Bats, Chipmunks, and Opossums. With Michigan State License Number 009, we are the oldest continuing wildlife management company in Michigan.

 Areas We Serve

Most of love animals, but not in the attic or garage. There are times when a raccoon, pair of squirrels, or visiting skunk decide to move in and stay in your home or on the property.
Cute or not, these are wild animals, and although they are used to being around humans, they are not pets. The reality of rabies is a reason to deal with these visitors carefully.
The best choice is to have Animal Control Birmingham MI services on the job.

Feral cats have feral kittens, and they are always reproducing. Feral cats are not nice cats and when they set up housekeeping under your porch they can be nasty and noisy. Ferals also are often disease carriers and can be rabid. Aggressive felines require special handling and traps. This is not an exercise for amateurs, no matter how brave. Protective gear and a sturdy carrier are absolutely necessary.

Aggressive dogs are perhaps the most dangerous. Most breeds have sharp teeth and strong jaws, they can be fierce and can kill other animals and people.The newspapers are filled with stories of dog attacks on people, livestock and the tragic results. Again,animal control Birmingham MI is a time to call for experts. There are times when extreme methods like tranquilizer guns or even using a firearm are the only resort. After all, saving the life of the victim is the most important goal. As a rule, humane methods are in general practice, no animal control professional wants to put any animal in danger.
Rescues are often the duty of these professionals. Horses that fall into difficult places, small animals trapped in drainage culverts, cats that climb trees that turned out to be taller than they thought when they started: saving the lives of the pets that stray off the safe path are everyday occurrences for animal control specialists.

Lost dogs and cats have a friend who cares. Animal control personnel often take strays to the shelter where the owners can claim them or they can be made ready for adoption.
There’s nothing sadder than a lost puppy or kitten and reconnecting them with their owners is one of the rewards for shelter and pound staffers.

Whether it’s rescuing a tree-bound cat, removing a skunk, taking a runaway to a safe place where he or she can be found by the owner, or preventing a problem dog from doing harm, animal control Birmingham MI is an adventure.