Animal Removal and Wildlife Control in Lake Orion MI

Are you frustrated by wildlife damaging your backyard in Lake Orion MI? Have squirrel and raccoons and mice taken over your home?  Do you have a skunk problem? Don’t despair! There is one company to call for humane resolutions to all of your animal-control dilemmas: A & D Animal Control.

As an owner-operated company, A & D Animal Control proudly delivers prompt and professional service. We are certified by the Michigan and National Animal Damage Control Associations, and all of our technicians are state-certified. You can count on us for expert removal and handling of annoying animals. In addition, we are bonded and fully insured for your protection. Call us and learn more!

Wildlife and Pest Removal

We can help you with all types of animal and wildlife removal, including:

  • Attic & wall noise from wild animals
  • Mouse control in attic & walls
  • Exterior mouse and mole removal and control
  • Winter damage shrubbery control from wild animals
  • Night time attic noises and night time wall noises from rodents and other animals

Types of Animals and Pests We Control

These critters can get cause harm, including Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Mice, Moles, Woodchucks, Groundhogs, Bats, Chipmunks, and Opossums. With Michigan State License Number 009, we are the oldest continuing wildlife management company in Michigan.

 Areas We Serve

Lake Orion is like any other place in the world and has the tendency to have a problem with critters from time to time. The problem with that is that these little critters have the ability to become nuisances and can cause a multitude of problems if not taken care of right away. Animal control is great for such situations and can make sure that you don’t have to worry about the little guys ever again!

Animal control in Lake Orion MI is a simple thing to search for when confronted with the Internet. Some of the top searches will show you exactly what you need to get those little guys out of there and under control. The animal control can consists of a team of people who come into your home and will inspect it to see how they are going to go about getting the pests out. But this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes the animals are not the ones in fault and are instead the victims themselves. So instance, if a cat is stuck up in a tree or a raccoon is caught in some barbed wire. This is also a job for the animal control specialists to take care of. So just leave it to them and let them take care of all of your animal control needs.

A quick search can yield wondrous results showing you just who to call and inquire about animal control. Do you have trouble with raccoons? Snakes? Vermin? Most animal control companies will take care of problem like these the moment they spring up and can be surprisingly reliable and cost efficient. So don’t wait another second if you do actually have an emergency. And most of all, do not take the incident into your own hands and try to handle it yourself as this may end in disaster. Always consult the professionals.

Animal control in Lake Orion, MI is but a step in the right direction if you have racoons and other vermin living in your attic or roofing and you know you need them gone. So call right away and see what some of the best animal control specialists can do for you. Good luck with your animal control endeavors and make sure you get the right guys to come and help you out in your time of need and remember, don’t ever try and fix the problem yourself!