Animal Removal and Wildlife Control in Royal Oak MI

Are you frustrated by wildlife damaging your backyard in Royal Oak MI? Have squirrel and raccoons and mice taken over your home?  Do you have a skunk problem? Don’t despair! There is one company to call for humane resolutions to all of your animal-control dilemmas: A & D Animal Control.

As an owner-operated company, A & D Animal Control proudly delivers prompt and professional service. We are certified by the Michigan and National Animal Damage Control Associations, and all of our technicians are state-certified. You can count on us for expert removal and handling of annoying animals. In addition, we are bonded and fully insured for your protection. Call us and learn more!

Wildlife and Pest Removal

We can help you with all types of animal and wildlife removal, including:

  • Attic & wall noise from wild animals
  • Mouse control in attic & walls
  • Exterior mouse and mole removal and control
  • Winter damage shrubbery control from wild animals
  • Night time attic noises and night time wall noises from rodents and other animals

Types of Animals and Pests We Control

These critters can get cause harm, including Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Mice, Moles, Woodchucks, Groundhogs, Bats, Chipmunks, and Opossums. With Michigan State License Number 009, we are the oldest continuing wildlife management company in Michigan.

 Areas We Serve

What types of animals would you need removed from your premises in Royal Oak MI? You might have a long term resident who assumes that your attic is his home. You might have a rat eating through your wood joints, literally, holding your home up. There might be a burrowing animal that has emerged near or in your home and does not intend or know where to leave. Animal removal requires training and equipment. A wild animal can attack a person or even a child without knowing that it is a wrong thing to do. It is up to the owner of a home or other building to ensure the protection of all residents by hiring professional animal removal in Royal Oak MI.

Trying to bait an animal in order to trap it is very dangerous if you are not prepared to take it when it gets to the trap or at the bait. There are many serious diseases that can be transmitted by a wild animal to people through droppings, bites or fur infestations. A professional animal removal Royal Oak MI team is your best option when you need to have an animal removed. Finding such a company is simple if you look online or in phone directory. Making an appointment is equally simple to plan a time and date for the animal removal team to arrive and work.

There is a charge for animal removal usually depending on the degree of infestation or type of animal that needs to be removed. All of the financial ends of handling animal removal Royal Oak MI can be managed when you call and explain your problem to the agency that you have picked to rid you of an animal or animals that are endangering your premises and your health. You will be relieved to discover the ease with which your animal removal in Royal Oak MI can help you to get rid of animals that have decided your premises are there habitat. You might also be provided with traps that are professionally laid out to capture any future animals that decide to replace the ones that you have had removed. Don’t forget that if your premises have attracted animals, they will continue to do so.