Animal Removal and Wildlife Control in Oakland County MI

Are you frustrated by wildlife damaging your backyard in Oakland County MI? Have squirrel and raccoons and mice taken over your home?  Do you have a skunk problem? Don’t despair! There is one company to call for humane resolutions to all of your animal-control dilemmas: A & D Animal Control.

As an owner-operated company, A & D Animal Control proudly delivers prompt and professional service. We are certified by the Michigan and National Animal Damage Control Associations, and all of our technicians are state-certified. You can count on us for expert removal and handling of annoying animals. In addition, we are bonded and fully insured for your protection. Call us and learn more!

Wildlife and Pest Removal

We can help you with all types of animal and wildlife removal, including:

  • Attic & wall noise from wild animals
  • Mouse control in attic & walls
  • Exterior mouse and mole removal and control
  • Winter damage shrubbery control from wild animals
  • Night time attic noises and night time wall noises from rodents and other animals

Types of Animals and Pests We Control

These critters can get cause harm, including Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Mice, Moles, Woodchucks, Groundhogs, Bats, Chipmunks, and Opossums. With Michigan State License Number 009, we are the oldest continuing wildlife management company in Michigan.

 Areas We Serve

Many residents of Oakland County, MI suffer from a common problem: raccoon infestation. These pesky critters can cause a variety of problems that no one should have to deal with. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which to remove them.

Most importantly, it should be kept in mind that raccoons are wild animals, and they can be dangerous. Aside from the fact that many of them carry diseases that can be passed on to humans such as rabies, these animals’ natural reaction to human intervention is to attack, and these small creatures are surprisingly fierce. It is important to call professional animal control employees to take care of the problem.

Raccoon Removal Oakland County MI often implements the use of traps to lure in the animal unexpectedly. The residents affected with the problems should inform animal control where the animals are commonly being spotted, and traps can be set up to succeed in the raccoon removal. It may take some time, however, before the animal is lured into the device, so patience is key.

Sometimes, it may be necessary for animal control to employ the use of a tranquilizer gun to temporarily put an out-of-control animal to sleep so it can be removed quickly and easily and placed back into its natural habitat. In certain circumstances, it is necessary to euthanize the animal if disease is present.

Those suffering from raccoon infestation in Oakland County, MI should consider prevention as a means of eliminating their problem. The most common area of interest that animal control officials find raccoons populating is around trash cans, so ensuring that trash can lids are properly secured is a good step to minimize problems.

Furthermore, pet food should be put up. While the raccoon may not be your pet, it is still interested in the food your real pet consumes. These items should be properly stored in an indoor location. Furthermore, doggie doors should be sealed at night as raccoons are nocturnal animals and may use this convenient point of access to enter a home.

Raccoons are very smart creatures and are not bad when they are confined to their natural habitats. In fact, it is their intelligence that can cause the largest problems for Raccoon Removal Oakland County MI residents in that human attempts to thwart the problem are often circumvented by these innovative creatures. Anyone battling these intellectually-inclined animals should call animal control to assist in removing the problem.