Animal Removal and Wildlife Control in Rochester Hills MI

Are you frustrated by wildlife damaging your backyard in Rochester Hills MI? Have squirrel and raccoons and mice taken over your home?  Do you have a skunk problem? Don’t despair! There is one company to call for humane resolutions to all of your animal-control dilemmas: A & D Animal Control.

As an owner-operated company, A & D Animal Control proudly delivers prompt and professional service. We are certified by the Michigan and National Animal Damage Control Associations, and all of our technicians are state-certified. You can count on us for expert removal and handling of annoying animals. In addition, we are bonded and fully insured for your protection. Call us and learn more!

Wildlife and Pest Removal

We can help you with all types of animal and wildlife removal, including:

  • Attic & wall noise from wild animals
  • Mouse control in attic & walls
  • Exterior mouse and mole removal and control
  • Winter damage shrubbery control from wild animals
  • Night time attic noises and night time wall noises from rodents and other animals

Types of Animals and Pests We Control

These critters can get cause harm, including Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel, Mice, Moles, Woodchucks, Groundhogs, Bats, Chipmunks, and Opossums. With Michigan State License Number 009, we are the oldest continuing wildlife management company in Michigan.

 Areas We Serve

Raccoons are known to invade residential and commercial properties as they seek food and shelter. Since these animals are prone to carrying rabies, it is particularly important to find a safe and effective method of raccoon removal. While it may be possible to catch these critters in a homemade trap and release them back into the wild, many locations require a license in order to legally employ this method, primarily due to the potential dangers involved.

The safest way to rid a home or business of raccoons is to contact the local animal control office and request help. These professionals are trained to safely and effectively provide many types of animal removal services. Wildlife experts can be found all over the country and may be another helpful resource for safe raccoon removal advice or assistance.

Those who choose to attempt to trap and release the raccoons instead of obtaining professional assistance should take a number of precautions. The trap should be sturdy enough to hold the raccoons without being made of materials that can easily be chewed through by the animals. The type of bait that is used inside the trap is not particularly important, as these creatures are attracted to the smell of most foods. After the troublesome animals have been caught, it is important to release them in a wooded area in order to increase their chances of survival.

In addition to potential legal issues, home trapping is typically not recommended for a variety of reasons. Many people tend to underestimate the strength and determination of a raccoon, thus increasing the risks of becoming scratched or bitten. Rabies is a potentially deadly infection which is often carried by animals such as raccoons. Homemade traps have also been known to inadvertently catch innocent animals, such as the family cat.

After the raccoon removal process has been completed, it is essential that the property is secured or repaired in such a way that that re-infestation is unlikely or impossible. In many cases, an animal control officer or wildlife expert can help determine the method of entry and provide tips on how to prevent the need for further animal removal services in the future. Raccoons are highly intelligent animals and will continue to find their way inside whenever possible, especially in areas where their natural habitat has been threatened or demolished.